Grief Share

Begins Sunday, August 20, 2017
4:30-6:00 p.m.
Room B203

Cost: $15

Register online

It can be difficult to be hopeful about the future, especially when you have lost a spouse, child, or friend. You may feel isolated and convinced that few understand the deep pain you feel. GriefShare can help you face the challenges that lie ahead as you seek to rebuild your life.

Each GriefShare session includes three vital components:

  • Video seminars featuring experts in the field of grief and recovery
  • Group discussion to deepen understanding and provide encouragement and guidance
  • A workbook to be used during the week for personal study of the grieving process, journaling, and questions designed for personal reflection and group interaction


Sessions Include:

Session 1: Is this normal?
Session 2: Challenges of Grief
Session 3: The Journey of Grief—Part 1
Session 4: The Journey of Grief—Part 2
Session 5: Grief and Your Relationships
Session 6: Why?
Session 7: Guilt and Anger
Session 8: Complicating Factors
Session 9: Stuck
Session 10: Lessons of Grief—Part 1
Session 11: Lessons of Grief—Part 2
Session 12: Heaven
Session 13: What Do I Live For Now


Watch a promotional video about GriefShare.