Meet Mark


Mark serves as the Worship Pastor of Riverland Hills. Mark has a passion to share the love of Christ through music and worship. Mark is married to Kay, and they have two children, Jeremy and Lauren, as well as three grandchildren.

On His Call to Ministry:

I grew up in a strong, Christian home in the St Andrews area of Columbia as members of Park Street Baptist Church.  As a musically gifted teenager, I was involved in youth choir with one of the first full time music ministers in SC, James O. Barrington.  His influence led me to consider worship and music ministry as a calling.  One day during a sermon in church by a guest speaker from the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board (IMB), I felt a strong call from God to commit my life to gospel ministry through music.  I answered that call by responding at the invitation time and that call from God has steered me steadily across 37 years in full time ministry in SC.


Masters of Church Music – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

B.A. in Music – Furman University

Favorite Book:

I have to humbly say that my favorite book is the book I wrote "Going Full Circle: Worship That Moves Us to Discipleship and Missions" (Resource Publications of Wipf & Stock, Eugene OR, 2013).  Why?  Because that book contains a lifetime of revelation from God that He has called me to pass on to anyone with whom He brings me into contact.  Writing that book caused me to have to focus on the most important and urgent things in my life and put them into words that anyone can understand.  God touched my life mightily in the writing of it.

Favorite Book of the Bible:

The Gospel of Mark, because it is the simplest, most incisive picture of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ written from a young man's perspective