Day 4 Recap

I am not going to post much today because we had a similar schedule to yesterday, but I will share with you guys a little bit about some things we are learning on our trip. These are just a few things we are hearing about the impact the trip is having on our lives. 

- We are learning ministry is all about relationships. We have been able to get past the language barrier and find creative ways to build bonds. We are also bonded by our love for Christ as we have had an instant connecting point with believers here.

- We love the community and hospitality of the people of the Dominican Republic. We really long to see this kind of close community in America and it is refreshing. It has been helpful that we have not had our phones!

- The partnership between churches has been so great. We have been encouraged by them and they have hopefully been encouraged by us. The Pastors of both churches have been incredibly complimentary to our students and their love for Christ and work ethic.

- Our debrief time has been awesome every evening as we worship in a small group. Students are singing out and not afraid to sing loudly.

We challenged our students this evening to begin to move beyond the surface in the relationships they have been building and to ask some intentionally spiritual questions tomorrow. "How can I pray for you?" is one easy one to get a spiritual conversation going. Please pray for some great conversations tomorrow.

The pics are taking a while to upload to the blog but hopefully they will show up soon!

Shari Waters