Day 5 Recap

Sorry for the late update, but we just got back to the hotel around 10pm after leaving this morning at 9am--we have been working hard! 

Today was our final full day of ministry with our church partners so it was a great, but emotional one as we had to say goodbye to the people we have built relationships with this week. We are still processing through all we have learned, but I can say, without a doubt, God has been at work. 

Pastor Yorbi's team had a great opportunity this morning to do ministry with a local baseball academy. At the beginning of the day, some of our students were able to scrimmage with the Dominican team. They were the older group of players, 15 and above. God used the baseball game to help bond the students together and we were able to share testimonies and an evangelistic message with the whole group of Dominican baseball players. 

In the afternoon, we were able to return to the baseball fields and play with the younger kids. All of the non-baseball players, like me (Bart), got to jump in and play baseball with the little kids. We also shared an evangelistic message with them as well. 

Pastor Gary's team began the morning with their VBS in a local school. The kids keep multiplying and they had over 100 kids for VBS. The VBS has also been very spiritually fruitful as three older kids gave their lives to Christ today. It is always amazing to see God at work!

In the afternoon, Gary's team wrapped up their service project by moving more blocks up to the cinderblock classroom they are building. Pastor Gary said he wasn't planning on having the classroom built in maybe two years but with the help of our team, they are almost done! They also painted a classroom. 

Tonight, both churches wrapped up with a heartfelt worship service. We had several students who shared testimonies at each church (Pierson, Kiersten, RJ, and Drew). One of our adult leaders, Brett, also shared a testimony and Bart shared a message tonight. One endearing moment at Pastor Yorbi's church was that they surprised us with a slideshow of the week of ministry together. We are so thankful to be partnered with two great churches this week and there were many tears shed as we said goodbye. 

Tomorrow is a recreation day where we get to be together is a team. We are excited as we are heading to see three different waterfalls in the area and swim (we had a change of plans from the beach). Then, Friday we return.

Thank you for all of your prayers--God is doing great things. 

Shari Waters