Day 6 Recap

I don't think words will do justice to describe how we are feeling today. The word "full" might be a great way to start. Our debrief time tonight as a team was so encouraging as we shared what God has been teaching us this week. Students shared what they have been learning and each one seemed to have a powerful way God was calling them to respond. Tonight, the Praying Pelican Staff and the Pastors we are working with have been incredibly complimentary of the way our students represented Jesus and our Church. I am so proud of them! 

I ended our debrief time together by challenging our students that our mission trip did not begin on this trip and it will not end on this trip. Our mission trip began the moment we accepted Christ. We need to bring our love for the lost and our passion to serve people back home with us because we are called to be on mission every day. In fact, it is part of the vision of our church! 

The earlier part of our day today was an absolute blast. Work hard, play hard, right? We had the privilege of visiting a city in the mountains called Jarabacoa to hike to 3 different waterfalls and swim. At one point our guides did some crazy cliff diving off of one waterfall--it was amazing for all of us to watch. We were able to swim and do some little jumps into the water. Everyone had a great time. I only have one pic for now but there will be lots of videos and pictures we will share when we get home.

Tomorrow is our final day and it is definitely bittersweet. But we look forward to seeing you all late tomorrow night. We will keep everyone posted with our text service. 

Shari Waters